Daylighting reinforced on 39th Avenue

A good example of the kind of daylighting we want to see on 52nd Street can be found at the corner of 49th Street and 39th Avenue. There are “no parking” signs marking an area about one car length. This makes it easier for drivers from 49th Street to see traffic on 39th Avenue.

Daylighting on 39th Avenue
Daylighting on 39th Avenue

Last year, when the DOT painted the bike sharrows on 39th Avenue, they also painted lines around the parking lane.  By mistake, they marked that spot as parking, leading people to park in it and get ticketed.

This fall, the DOT used stimulus money to repave 39th Avenue.  I knew they would need to repaint the lines, so I asked Commissioner McCarthy to double-check and make sure that the painters knew to mark the daylighting space as no-parking.  They came through earlier this month, and put down some lovely zebra stripes!  Thanks to the Commissioner, the crew and everyone else who helped.

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