Don’t forget the Boulevard of Death

The improvements implemented in 2004 have made Queens Boulevard a bit safer, but obviously not safe enough:

Bus Shelter

I took this picture on my phone yesterday. A brand new bus shelter was smashed up at the corner of 52nd Street, by the cemetary gates..

Today I found out from John Millus that this was done by a taxi a few nights ago. Ongma, the waitress from Aubergine, was waiting for the bus, and is now in the hospital with a broken hip.

Added 9PM: I was just thinking about how this intersection is actually part of the same system as Skillman and 43rd Avenues. If you stand at the end of 43rd Avenue at 52nd Street and Roosevelt Avenue, you see that a large number of cars turn down 52nd Street and head for Queens Boulevard. Reduce the number of cars coming down 43rd Avenue, and you reduce the number turning at this intersection. Hopefully we’ll be able to do something about it soon.

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