Signal timing success!

DOT letterI just got a letter from Maura McCarthy, Queens Borough Commissioner for the DOT. Here’s what it says:

Dear Mr. Grieve-Smith:

This is in reply to your January 24th letter regarding traffic conditions on both Skillman and 43rd Avenues.

We have evaluated conditions on these arteries and will implement a signal timing plan that we expect will enhance pedestrian safety and discourage motorists from speeding. At each signalized intersection additional time will be provided for pedestrians to cross both Skillman and 43rd Avenues and the design speed of the progressive signal pattern will be reduced to 20 mph.

Thank you for your interest in this matter.

Sincerely, Maura McCarthy, Queens Borough Commissioner

Of course I’d still like to see a lot more done, but this is a great start! Let’s all thank Commissioner McCarthy and her staff for taking the time to study our avenue and implement these changes. Thanks also to Amy and Will from T.A., and everyone else who’s helped out!

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