Our Principles

Here are some principles that have guided this campaign:

  1. Safety focus: Some of our members want bike lanes, some want more parking, some want microbuses. Those are goals of convenience, and we can pursue them individually or in other groups as we see fit, but this campaign is focused on safety. We will only attach the Safer Skillman name to an issue if it can be demonstrated to improve safety.
  2. Broad coalition: This is a neighborhood effort. Everyone is affected by traffic on Skillman Avenue, and everyone should have the opportunity to be involved in any changes that are made. There are some areas where convenience and safety conflict. We will oppose people who prioritize convenience over safety, but for those who are truly focused on safety, we will try to find a compromise.
  3. Results, not moralizing: Thousands of people travel along and across Skillman Avenue every day. Some of them are going to be jerks, whether they are traveling by car, motorcycle, pocket bike, moped, bicycle, scooter, roller skate or motorized wheelchair, or on foot. We have very little power to stop anyone from being a jerk. All we can do is make them safer jerks.

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